Sunday, 1 August 2010

Courgettes and Potatoes

I decided to take up some of the second early potatoes today in order to make way for leeks. The crop size was similar to the first earlies - fewer tubers, some big ones and some little ones. Interestingly, as you can see from the photo above, the ground was still a bit dry in some places directly under the haulm despite the abundant rain. Happily, the decimation of the slug population in the cold winter means there is much less slug damage so I'm going to leave the last row of potatoes in for a bit longer in the hope of a bigger crop.
Here are a few of the potatoes I collected today, a good example of the problem the dry spring has caused - these are normally all medium to large potatoes, and double the quantity. Anyway, I got the rest of the leeks planted today, so that's the last of this year's planting done now.
We've now got a gap in the pea crop, which is being filled by the courgettees - I only picked some a few days ago, but today another four were ready. Theya re very large, as you can see when they're pictured beside a standard sized trowel. Lots more to come...
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