Monday, 26 July 2010

Leek Planting

Yesterday I decided it was time to start getting the leeks in. I had removed half the potatoes, so all I had to do was dig over the bed, add a bit of compost and food, then pop them in. Actually, putting in leeks is back-breaking work so I was glad only half the bed was free! Above is a picture of one of the leeks- really good roots on these seedlings.
And here is my dibber, with which I make the hole, pop in the leek and then water it in using the watering can direct into the hole. This way the leeks have soft soil around them, which allows them to expand.
Hey presto, a (small) field of leeks. These are late winter leeks, they won't be ready to eat until after Christmas. As we have lots of vegetables for autumn/early winter, I like to have a few very late vegetables to fill the gap a bit.
And here is one of the late vegetables - it doesn't matter how well you dig up the bed, there is always one parsnip that escapes. Actually, I have two this year. This plant has gone to seed, so I can save seed for next year. One of the stalks has been bent over by the recent heavy rain, but there are hundreds of seeds on this plant, with more to come on the second one. I've propped it up with a cane and will put the seed heads to dry in the shed when they're finished developing. I've found that self-propagated seed works well for me, so this is very handy and a good way to save money.
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