Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The harvest begins...

With all the planting behind me and the weeds in the veg beds largely under control, it's time to tackle some problem areas. So after a lunch of a spinach and onion omelette, it was off to the plot to start this:
On the left is the shed, whose door now barely opens as the brambles encroach, on the right is the compost bin which is being swallowed up. This area was a dumping ground for previous tenants, and I unfortunately carried on the practice, allowing the weeds and brambles to grow over it. Underneath all this green are a number of plastic bags containing compost for the beds and coal ash for the paths. This was Other Half's job and after an hour or so of hacking and digging out, he has made good progress. Updates to follow...
While he was doing that, I was doing this. The first picking of redcurrants (about one third of the crop), blackcurrants and more strawberries. I also picked some shallots, spring onions, broad beans, peas and lettuce. It's a lovely time of year, starting to use my own fruit and veg every day in the kitchen again. But the strawberries are getting a bit wearing already and Other Half is beginning to laugh when I produce them at every meal, so most of these will go into jam. The blackcurrants are in the freezer, and the redcurrants will follow once I have de-stalked them.
On Friday our area will officially be in a water shortage situation, with a hosepipe ban, so the rain today was welcome, although rather light. The New Dawn rose looks lovely with water droplets on the petals and leaves (you can just see them in close-up) and I do enjoy smelling the roses as I go in and out of the door. This is the best showing in years, so I make no apologies for another photo of this lovely rose!
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