Saturday, 5 June 2010

Remedy for a bad back

I nipped out to take this photo of an allium, went back to my desk and stretched. OW! Don't know how I did it, but I pulled something in my back and was in agony. What to do? Lots of gardening to be done, so I spent the rest of the day being nice to my back, lay flat all night (couldn't turn over even if I wanted to) and wondered how I was going to get the planting done.

It eased a tiny bit yesterday, but this morning was still sore. Still, the plants weren't going to plant themselves, so I got on with it, popping in plants, building a new pea climbing frame, spreading fertiliser, until my back refused to do any more and I hobbled off. A hot shower and a few hours later while sitting on the sofa I suddenly realised I could feel no pain, stretched gingerly and decided I was right - cured! So there you have it - all you need to do to cure a bad back is plant 8 cucumbers, construct a support for peas and transplant around 50 cabbages. Works every time, well the one time anyway.
Here are a few shots from the plot. The bed you can't see in the foreground holds parsnips, cucumbers and pumpkins. You can see the first peas (about half their final size now) in the next bed, the second pea sowing is just behind and behind them are the courgettes. On the right the wonky wigwams are for the runner beans. Behind are the herb beds, the rhubarb and the jerusalem artichokes which are doing so well they're expanding into the beetroot bed next door.
The broad beans have just started flowering, quite late this year like everything else. It will be a couple more weeks before the peas flower.
Here are the strawberries with the potatoes in the background. The strawberries desperately need weeding but I can only do them when wearing a thick long sleeved shirt and gloves as the leaves irritate my skin for days afterwards. That's my Mum's legs on the left!

We're told we may have drought restrictions in a few weeks due to the lack of rain - it's certainly been an unusually dry spring as well as a cold one. Rain is forecast tomorrow, so let's hope we get a good downpour. Happy gardening!
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