Friday, 18 June 2010

Late for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I was really annoyed that a few days ago I really had nothing to post for bloom day. But since then, this beauty has opened - Himalayan Poppy (Mecanopsis betonicifolia). There is another bud following too. I bought this last year, but it suffered firstly because I let it dry out, and then secondly because the local snails decided it was a delicious delicacy. So I potted it on, and armed the pot with copper tape to keep the snails at bay. My reward? This gorgeous blue flower.
My old rose is about to burst into flower too - this is the very first bloom, on an offshoot of the rose. I'll post a picture of the shrub when it's at its most dramatic.
Another rose - around here we have a lot of wild roses growing in the corners of fields and other out of the way places. I have a couple in my small patch. Simple flowers, left over from a time centuries ago when they were the dominant form.
They grow on arching stems - this is one of my plants. The other one puts its huge stems upwards into the trees above. These plants produce good rose hips which the birds value in winter.
And finally, an update from the vegetable garden, specially for my Mum who is in Canada right now. The salad leaves are coming along - here is a mix of various types of leaves. Today I weeded the strawberry bed and we watered all the cucumbers, pumpkins, runner beans, marrows and the potatoes (see previous post). We haven't had much rain here lately, so I'll rotate the watering to cover all the plants now. The peas are covered in flowers, lots of broad beans and strawberries to come. We picked some rhubarb today, though my Other Half managed to lose one stick of it on the way home, not sure how, neither is he....
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