Saturday, 15 May 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2010

The cherry blossom is at its best right now, it will fall off next week, so best to get a snap while I can. What I love about it at this time is the contrast between the pink flowers and bronze new leaves - the leaves quickly turn to a green colour, but at this time the colour combination is gorgeous.
Being a bad gardener, this is another narcissus whose label I have lost, but it's a tiny flat flower, a couple of centimetres across and is the last narcissus to bloom. I've had it in a pot by the house for about 10 years, and it just keeps coming up every year.
And finally, woodruff - not at its best yet, it's just starting to flower. Tiny white flowers held above rosette leaves. You can see how tiny by the greenfly at bottom right!

So that's the pretty flowers - tomorrow I'll post the horror pics of frost damaged plants (sniff) from my vegetable garden.
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