Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Emergency Planting

I decided to go have a look at everything yesterday, planning to do a little gentle hoeing of the broad beans, a bit of watering, that kind of thing. When I opened the shed, these monsters greeted me - the runner beans, which were tiny things 2 days ago, had suddenly shot upwards and downwards (you can see the roots poking out of their toilet roll pots). So they had to go in the ground - ground which wasn't quite ready yet. So I quickly pulled out the weeds in the bed, grabbed some nice wet horse manure from the pile and popped them in with plenty of water. I still haven't weeded the broad beans; best laid plans...
In the flower garden, my pink geraniums are in full flow, though the lack of rain means I'm going to have to start watering here now.
And the spanish bluebells are lovely - these started from one plant, they're in terrible soil but seem to like it!
Sadly, this lilac isn't in my garden but nearby. I love the scent and beautiful flowers at this time of year.
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