Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring Flowers

The spring flowers are finally coming out in droves, and I have seen the first bumble bees of the year buzzing around the primroses.
The Willow Warblers have been arriving from Africa over the last week (I love the sound of their song, which epitomises summer for me), and yesterday I saw the first Sand Martins and Swallows flying over the river. The Sand Martins are late - they normally arrive before the Swallows, at the end of March, so they have been held up by the weather.
But the trees are now budding and some are flowering, like this forsythia...
and this willow. On the vegetable plot, I have got my first sowing of peas in this week. The rest of the time has been spent doing the last of the clearing which I didn't have chance to do in the winter - it will be finished this weekend, so the bulk of the hard work will be done soon.
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