Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Broccoli and Rhubarb

With the weather finally warming up, everything is moving on apace. The first potatoes are through in this rather lumpy soil - a planting of potatoes will help break down the clumps.
Unfortunately, a stray parsnip has also shown itself in the potato bed. As they lose their vegetation in winter, they are notoriously difficult to dig up and I often have one or two left behind. No matter - this one will stay and be allowed to seed to add to my seed stock for next year.
Not all in the garden is rosy - this is one of the marrows I planted a couple of weeks ago. Stupid me - didn't think about the slugs, which have apparently woken up in the last week and set to work making breakfast out of these plants. They will recover, I think ( slug pellets now down), though a bit delayed in growth!
The peas (and one dandelion) are doing well under their cloche. I'll have a look at them again tomorrow and decide if to take the cover off. Germination rate looks good, but I also have a lot of seed left for a second sowing, as I love these peas - very tasty.
After a few months of doing absolutely nothing, the onions and shallots are also away well. The garlic is ok, though the ends of the leaves are a bit damaged by the cold winds we've had. These onions were under cover during the coldest weather, just to protect them a bit and reduce losses.
On the fruit front, I think I am going to have to set up a jam stall in the market and sell the fruits of my labours! The currants and gooseberries are simply covered in flowers - unfortunately they don't photograph well, being green - the plum is about to burst into blossom and the apples (above) won't be far behind.
The purple sprouting broccoli is finally ready to eat - here are the first pickings, delicious.
And the first rhubarb of the season - again, this fruit is prolific this year and I expect to freeze some for the winter.

First job tomorrow is to cut the grass, which is now at ankle height in places, and then weed the strawberries. Lots to do...
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