Saturday, 27 March 2010

Potato Day

I was in two minds about putting the potatoes in today. They're just about ready, but could have waited a week. However, the weather forecast for next week is very wet, so I decided to take advantage of the coming full moon and get them in today. As you can see from the Other Half's legs in the photos, I had some help - he dug three trenches, I put the potatoes in with some manure and fertilizer. I did the last trench and forked over the trodden down bit of the bed on the way out.
Here are some of the potatoes - Pentland Javelin for first early, and Cosmos for second early (very like a maincrop potato). PJ is completely slug proof which is handy in this area, Cosmos a little less immune but not too tasty to the slugs, and both are blight resistant - essential in the damp climate of north west England in the foothills of the Pennines. I generally get 4-5 months worth of potatoes from a full tray in the photo.

It's still a bit cold for other plantings yet, hope we get some fine weather later in the week so I can get more in. The lettuce/spinach bed was prepared today and cloched to warm it up a bit. But with a cold spring, more haste = less speed, so I'm in no hurry. The one thing I've learned over the years is that plants catch up very quickly once the temperature's right, so putting seeds in too early is pointless.
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