Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First Spring Flower

After two more weeks of intermittent snow and frozen ground, the sun has returned and temperatures have risen. The first flower is out in my garden - this crocus, with snowdrops not far behind.
We can now see the damage caused by the snow. In the centre of this photo are some very sad broccoli plants, hard to see because they have collapsed. It seems that these plants were completely covered by snow, got frozen and as the temperature warmed up, rot got in the cracks caused by the snow. The plants that were tall enough to have their heads above the snow have survived well, with just the loss of some lower leaves. So the lesson for future heavy snow is to protect the shorter plants, perhaps with a plastic bell cloche over the top to keep them free of snow. While the leeks were completely buried for weeks, they have fared much better. I lost a couple of them, but most are now growing on in the sunshine.
Normally I would have the broad beans in the ground by now, but with temperatures about 4 weeks behind normal, I expect to get them in sometime this month. So today I composted the ground and covered it with a cloche to warm the soil. I also composted most of the fruit trees - I needed to move a compost heap so I can plant a new apple tree later this month.

So, normal service resumed, hope to do more work later this week.
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