Sunday, 17 January 2010

Winter vegetables

Most of the snow has now disappeared so I had a look at my vegetable plot today. The leeks (at centre of photo) look rather bedraggled as they have been encased in snow and ice for a month, but they will recover now. I dug up some tiny parsnips just to clear the bed (at left of photo) - it was a bad year for them last year. Digging was hard today, the soil is very cold and a little frozen under the surface thaw.

I also managed to get at some Jerusalem Artichokes (at right), which is a lovely winter vegetable. I dug over a third of the bed, took out the biggest tubers and put back the smaller ones for next winter's crop.

I also put a cloche over the onion/shallot bed, to start the process of warming before planting, which is likely to be late this year due to the forecast cold spring. At least it will keep further snow off. I took my house onions up as well and left them in the shed now it's warmer. So, it's a start for the 2010 gardening year. Lots to do...
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