Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January Snow

No gardening for me - just snow, ice, more snow, etc... It's been snowing all day today and is only just letting up now, after about 7 hours or so. It's pretty though, with the trees and houses all covered in the white stuff.
This was today's snowfall on top of my car at 1 pm - over 10 cm now I suppose. I've managed to get out of the village in my car once in the last 10 days, and don't expect to be able to drive out again for several days yet. So I will have to walk for my shopping and to get my parcels in the post.
Never mind, last week my seed order arrived - seeds, potatoes, onions, shallots and fertiliser (all organic). You may be able to see in the photo that some of the onion sets were sprouting. Irritating, but with the wet summer and warm autumn it may be a common problem this year. Normally I'd do an early planting of the sprouting ones, under cloches so they could get growing, but at the moment I can't get anywhere near the soil. So instead I had a brainwave and dug out some compost from the kitchen cupboard...
and using the spare cat litter tray, I improvised a planting bed for them. The unsprouted onions have gone back to bed in their dark box in the unheated hall, to await warmer weather.

As for the seeds, we have made some changes to the planting for this year. We have given up on tomatoes as they were too much work for too little produce. We have also given up on kale and sprouts for similar reasons. We have added marrows to our collection for the first time, though. The cut flowers have also been removed from our list so that we can grow more vegetables.

So now we have to wait on the weather. I was hoping to be able to start eating my leeks and jerusalem artichokes this week, but they're imprisoned in snow and ice. Fortunately we made good progress on clearing and preparing beds in autumn (having ignored the UK Met Office advice of a warm winter in favour of the more accurate AccuWeather forecast), so when the weather does eventually warm up we can get going pretty quickly. This Global Warming does play havoc with your gardening, doesn't it?
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