Monday, 11 January 2010

Ice and Icicles

Yesterday the temperature rose above freezing for the first time in a week, and the ice on the river started to break up. It was 4 inches thick in places, and huge slabs of it were stuck to the banks.
The river runs through a canyon here, with rock or stone walls on each side. Water always drips down the sides, being in the bottom of the river valley with hills on either side means there's always plenty of water. Here it has created icicles, which run for some way along the river. You can get a better view of these by clicking on the pictures.
There's no perspective in this photo, but trust me when I tell you this icicle is about 15 feet high; it has been here since before Christmas, thawing and re-freezing regularly. You can see some of it has broken off and if you look closely you can see it dripping.
These are my leeks, well you can just see about three of them, in their blanket of snow. The only tracks on the vegetable plot were of a cat which had wandered through, and the wood mouse which had ventured out of its home in my compost bin one day.
And this is the icicle which was hanging from my shed roof. Pretty good, eh?

Anyway, the thaw has set in today, particularly here in the river valley - it's still frozen higher up and we have had more sleet and snow today. The worst seems to be over, so I'm hoping to see my leeks again soon and get back to the garden.

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