Friday, 29 January 2010

Hyacinths and Marmalade

The days are finally getting longer and today we've even seen some sun. The first set of hyacinths I planted in September are now in full flower and the scent is heavenly. Actually, I put these outside and forgot all about them until early December, when I looked at them and thought "a couple more weeks", after which they slipped my mind again until early January, when they were covered in snow. I rescued the frozen bowl and brought them in, to be rewarded by these lovely flowers. I brought the second set of hyacinths in a couple of days ago, so I should have flowers for the next month now.
One of the last indoor winter jobs - the Making of the Marmalade, an annual task for me. This batch is probably the best I've made, and I'm looking forward to eating this on my toast soon.

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