Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Big Freeze Continues...

And so it goes on... I took this picture a few days ago, and the view hasn't changed any since. Thursday night was about -10C, and my milk was frozen on the doorstep, something I haven't seen in many years (we do have a local farm which delivers milk here). The daytime temperature hasn't got above freezing point since Sunday.
This was taken in the village, just before I started my ascent up the hill to the post office (for a photo of that hill, see my other blog). The structure on the right is the station for the steam railway. The tracks on the left are from a tractor taking food out to animals. In the snow you can see tracks which you wouldn't normally - each day I see new tracks made by the local fox which uses a regular route up and down the hill and through the village. Yesterday I saw the tracks of a deer. The sheep scrape little holes in the snow to reach the grass, but all the farmers are giving them hay too.
I just took this photo of the river which runs past my house. Water is still flowing on either side of the channel, and there is a light dusting of snow on the ice in the middle. Neighbours here are looking after the older members of the community: my Mum was offered a trip to the supermarket by someone with a 4x4 this morning, which was nice. A couple of older residents nearby have had so many offers of shopping their houses are stuffed full of food, they don't want to offend anyone by refusing!
Each night adds to the frost crystals of the snow, this is something I remember vividly from the similarly cold spell in the 1980s. So we are hunkering down here, in the warm and looking forward to a thaw when we can get back outside.
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