Saturday, 12 December 2009

Back to Work

The constant rain of November and early December has finally abated and so it's back to work time. The ground is still wet, but not saturated as it was and it will continue to dry out as the forecast is good for the next couple of weeks. So today I started on the winter pruning - taking out the autumn raspberry canes, which produced masses of fruit this year. Here's the pile I removed.
There are still some winter vegetables in the ground - above is the purple sprouting broccoli, with a solitary kale plant to the left. The leeks are also doing well and we will start eating them after Christmas. I also have some parsnips to dig up. But for now the main jobs are weeding and bed edges.
Here is the current pile of old paving stones which are awaiting placement on the vegetable plot. The pile is still growing, with two more added yesterday. This morning I moved four up and placed them as edges to beds. I plan to do lots more using some forced labour from my Other Half over his Christmas holidays...
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