Monday, 9 November 2009

Winter Has Arrived

For over a week we have had rain every day, so no opportunity to get outside. Strong winds have also removed most of the leaves from the trees now. But today we have had a whole day without rain!
Last night was the first air frost of the season, so winter has definitely arrived. I love the way it leaves droplets of water on the leaves of plants like this leek.
My vegetable plot gets little sun during the winter months and so the frost can stay on the ground all day; this photo was taken at 2 pm when the temperature was well above freezing, but crystals of ice remained in a few spots.
I was able to finish some plot edgings using the recycled flagstones I have obtained. This is a section of the plot which has a slope and the soil falls off the edge. The old edging was of wood and woven willow, but was rotting so I have replaced it with these flagstones. If I was a perfectionist the top of each stone would be level with its neighbours but I'm a pragmatist - these are recycled stones of all shapes and sizes and as long as they do the job, I'm happy. Hard, hard work, I still have lots of stones left so will be working through them all winter.
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