Friday, 20 November 2009

A quick update...

Frequent rain and other commitments this week have meant no time for gardening. But the autumn raspberries are still producing fruit, surprisingly!

The weather has been atrocious, with extremely heavy rain. Below is a picture of the river which runs past my house, I needed to work on it quite a bit to make it visible as it was very dark.
Just to give you an idea of the amount of water rushing past my windows, in summer its normal depth at this point is around ankle deep. If I was standing on the bed of the river in this torrent, the water would be well over my head! While we did have a flood watch in this area (around 30 yards away this river joins the much larger Irwell, one of the major rivers in northwest England), we did thankfully escape flooding this time.

I thought I'd post this while I have an internet connection as my broadband has been very patchy the last few days, I suspect that somewhere my line is running underwater!

Anyway, I'm off to mix up my Christmas puddings now, ready for cooking tomorrow...
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