Friday, 16 October 2009

Recycling and clearing

For the last few weeks, a workman called David has been replacing paving outside people's houses in the village. All the roads are unadopted so we have to pay for tarmac and paving ourselves (and yes, we still have to pay council tax despite the fact we get bugger all for it). Most of mine was done for free by United (No)-Utilities last year when they dug a trench outside my house to fix an electrical fault, let's gloss over the fact that they also cut through the gas pipe to my house twice - I did get my paving done for free. So I only have a little stretch of a few flags which needed attention and I have arranged to have it done on the cheap using recycled flags instead of the new ones others are having.

At the same time, I mentioned to David that I would happily take the broken flags for use on my vegetable plot, so here is the first pile. There will be more - he started flagging outside one house in the village, then got asked to do more and more so he's been here for weeks now. Like him, a painter called Peter got a job down here 3 years ago and has rarely had a week away since. That's the way it is here - it's like the Village of the Damned, once a workman does a good job here he never escapes!
So this afternoon I started using them at the plot - the small ones first. These are going to make a good edge to a bed which was only cleared for the first time last year, so the weeds are not yet under control. You can use wood to create beds, but the wood rots and the slugs live in it, so I favour either recycled plastic beds or stone/concrete to create a barrier to the couch grass. On the left of the stones is an overgrown path, to the right is the pea bed, with spinach, chard and hundreds of weeds.
I took out the old tomato plants today, and weeding is proceeding apace now as the weather is good. I also picked some more herbs for drying - sage and rosemary here.
And here are some fennel seeds which I have brought into the house to finish drying. More gardening tomorrow in the sunshine.

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