Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More weeding...

Back to the weeding again - the tall weeds are now out of the leeks, as you can see. They're growing quite well for this time of year, as they are late winter leeks and put most of their growth on in January. These are in one of the beds used for potatoes earlier in the year.
Here's one of the newly re-discovered parsnips, free from its weedy prison. Most of the bed is now clear, just need to take a spade to one corner and the edges as the grass has grown in a bit.
This is nasturtium Tom Thumb - a small plant suitable for pots as it doesn't grow into a triffid. I found some of these seeds earlier this year as I was clearing out a drawer - they were years old but I thought I'd plant them in hope of some late summer flowers. A cheerful flower at this time of year.

Rain today, more gardening later this week, I hope.
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