Monday, 12 October 2009

Back to the vegetable plot

After the third wet summer in a row, once again the weeds have become rampant. There are parsnips in here somewhere...
The soil is good and light, so I made good progress in clearing it this afternoon. One hour of weeding is enough for my back. The freshly weeded strawberries can be seen just beyond this bed.
Of course, this is the holy grail of weeding - a clear bed with not a weed in sight (for now, it never lasts long!). Wish more of them were like this - sigh...
Purple sprouting broccoli - a thoroughly reliable vegetable which will be ready in April. The plants are big and strong now.
The "summer" cabbages are finally hearting up. Just goes to show what kind of a summer we have had when they are only going to be ready to eat in October! Note the weeds around this cabbage, the bed won't be weeded until the cabbages are finished.
There are only two courgettes left, then they will have finished. The tomato plants are suffering due to cold night temperatures, as you may be able to see from this photo. So today I took all the remaining fruit off...
most of them will ripen now when put with the apples I picked some weeks ago. If not, they go into my frying pan - I love fried green tomatoes.
The Cosmos plants are still flowering and putting on a good show. We should have a few good sunny days this week, so I should be able to get out to do more weeding later.
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