Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Plum Time

The weather has warmed up a bit and a dry day meant I could get out to deal with the fruit and vegetables which needed picking. Here are the plums - my pride and joy for this year! After producing nothing for five years, the tree has suddenly outdone itself with over 15 pounds of fruit. The wasps have taken some and one of them wasn't keen on me picking the rest, stinging me on the finger. I survived.
But what do you do with 15 pounds of plums? After a really good fruit year, my freezer is full, so I reverted to the old fashioned method - bottling. A couple of weeks ago I bought some Kilner jars in preparation. So last night I made 5 jars of bottled plums. I still have lots left, and may have to cook some more this week.
The strong winds over the weekend brought down some apples (Katy). These aren't quite ripe, so I cooked them as apple compote (pips removed, skins left on, stewed with sugar). The rest are ripening well now and should be ready for picking in a week or two. There were also a few courgettes and some runner beans.
The garlic and onions had been drying in the shed for the last month, so yesterday I took them out for cleaning and storing. Here's my garlic, in its pot for the winter.
Unfortunately a mouse has once again found its way into the shed and was working through the pea seed I left to dry. Here's a sample empty pod! In the next few weeks I need to clean out the shed, find the hole and stop it up!
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