Sunday, 20 September 2009

Late September

Sorry about the lack of postings - I am now in one of my busy times with work and so don't have as much time to do other things. So a quick scoot round the late September garden will have to do for today.

We are settled in a longish spell of dry, sunny weather, sometimes quite warm. So there are a few jobs to be done before it breaks - the first being painting the shed, which didn't get done last year due to all the rain. Here is the newly painted shed. Of course quite a lot of the paint ended up on me, my clothing and in my hair...
Here is one of the autumn raspberry plants - we're picking every few days now, it has been a very good year for them, like all the fruit in the garden.
Cosmos flowers.
This is the last and biggest of my pumpkins, Small Sugar. It's just starting to turn now - the others are orange already, but this one has taken its time.
Even my outdoor tomatoes are ripening in the autumn sunshine, which is very surprising. We are forecast to have another couple of weeks of mostly sunny and dry weather, so there's hope for the green ones yet!
These are the leeks - plus weeds. These are late winter leeks, for eating after Christmas, so at present they are pencil thick and will bulk up later. It looks like a good crop - the dratted slugs got about 20 or so, but these will survive now.
We went out for a walk on the moors today in the sunshine. Most of the heather has long since finished flowering, but there are a few clumps of pink heather still pushing up their blooms.
These are ruins of some of the quarry buildings. The chimney is a local landmark and was in danger of falling down a few years ago. It has been stabilised now, along with some of the buildings around it. This quarry was deserted around 100 years ago, but when we were there today there were lots of birds around and even a stoat, plus a few people walking through. A lovely sunny day.

I hope to get back to the gardening soon...
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