Thursday, 10 September 2009

Katy Apple Time

Early in the week we had some strong winds and more windfalls from the Katy apple tree. So I decided to pick all the apples and here they are! An excellent crop, increased from last year. Very little damage - I didn't bother netting them this year from insects and birds, and the only damage I could spot was from slugs when apples fell on the ground. These are eating apples and will keep for a month.
I also cut some herbs for drying - sage (left), rosemary (bottom) and peppermint (middle). The autumn raspberries are coming on well now too (right).
I still have a lot of plums in my kitchen, so decided to make some jam. I wasn't sure how well they would set, so added 2 chopped apples for extra pectin. It's a bit of an experiment!

Other jobs done this week so far: I pruned the summer raspberry canes which had fruited back to the ground, I did some more weeding in the strawberry patch and I noticed that the cabbages are finally starting to look like cabbages and not pathetic weeds!
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