Saturday, 5 September 2009

Indoor Gardening

The weather has been truly dreadful this week, with strong winds and torrential downpours which the UK Met Office mysteriously calls "showers". Not in my book, they're not. As I type, the wind has gone, the skies have cleared and I see the first bit of blue sky in days. Not much use at this time of day, but it's nice to see it anyway.

And the temperature - well, today it reached the dizzying heights of 14C (57F) which is rather low for early September. All year we have had extraordinarily strong winds here which have added wind chill to the technical temperatures, so it actually felt colder than that. Global warming, my a..e.

So no gardening this week. Instead Mum and I went to the garden centre on Thursday - she wanted a crocosmia but they didn't have the one she really wanted. So she bought a couple of pot plants and we browsed the bulbs. I bought two sets of hyacinths; one Christmas flowering and one for spring. The Christmas one is an unusual apricot shade, and it will be nice to have the colour and scent at the darkest time of the year.

In a few weeks I'll pot the Christmas ones up (I'll do the others a bit later) and stick them outside in a sheltered spot with a lid on to keep out the light. Once they have grown sufficiently, I'll bring them inside - it should be the end of November or beginning of December by then. As long as we don't have a freeze they will be ok outside - I'll have to think again if we have a repeat of last year's December snow!

Also this week I've moved all my house plants to their winter positions, with the Christmas cacti on the warm windowsills so that when I put the heating back on (normally end September, but maybe sooner this year) they will get the warmth they need to flower. It's one of those jobs that separates the seasons for me - a marker.

The weather is forecast to be better next week, so I hope to get out there to do some weeding and pick fruit!
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