Monday, 28 September 2009

Autumn Crocus and other autumn goodies

Several years ago I bought some autumn crocuses, which flowered for one year and then died. This was the only one to survive, and each year it pops up for a little while to brighten my day.
We had a trip to Leighton Moss RSPB reserve yesterday, and they have a stretch of trees completely covered in ivy, which is now flowering. It's a beautiful sight, humming with insects, and provides fruit for the birds through the winter. I also keep ivy, but it's not as pretty as this.
I think these berries are guelder rose, there are a few small bushes of it near home, but here there were big tree-size bushes, covered in bright red berries. Unfortunately the bush isn't really garden material (too scruffy!) or we'd see a lot more of it around.
Here are some redshanks (note the orange-red legs!) having a snooze with one eye open, standing on one leg. They're really comical birds, very active and noisy when awake.
And some deer - eight of them were lazing around a pool. Tricky to get pictures in the flat, cloudy light, and this was the best I got. A mixture of males, females and juveniles feeding among the reeds and grass. Sorry the pictures aren't better quality, but it's difficult taking them in a hide and the d...ned animals kept moving!

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