Friday, 7 August 2009

This is a beetroot ... no really, it is!

This is my vegetable disaster for this year - the beetroot. I've struggled to grow them for years, but changed variety last year and had a bumper crop. I thought I had cracked it but clearly not. They germinated reasonably, but not spectacularly, and then the weather turned colder and wetter. Some died through the wet, the slugs got others. So this miserable specimen is the best I have! I may start them indoors next year...
My Katy apple - about another month before they are ready for eating. I have taken advantage of the good weather to start my fruit tree/bush pruning. Yesterday I did the currants and the red gooseberry. The red gooseberry decided to grow along the ground for the first few years, before finally shooting upwards in the last year or so. So I was finally able to cut away the low branches this week.
Here are the runner beans in full flow - I have already had a few beans from them, but there are plenty more to come. It's good timing - the peas are just about finished now.
At this time of year a lot of the weeds are flowering - this one is endemic and I don't allow it to grow for long among my vegetables, but it is pretty.
These are some vetches (pea family) at the base of a holly bush.
Himalayan Basalm - considered an introduced pest of the highest order, it grows prolifically around here. But the flower is quite stunning, even more so in massed ranks.
This sedum type plant grows on the wall behind my raspberries - I suspect it's been there for decades.
Here is another sedum on a low wall - you really couldn't get a plant to do this in your garden! Nature does things so much better - this is an old wall without mortar, hence all the wonderful growth.
Finally, my first ever photo of a butterfly! This painted lady was basking in the sun on the path - it's quite faded and tatty so has probably travelled a long way. There was a big influx of these butterflies from Southern Europe in spring, but they tend only to reach the north in August/September. This is the first I've seen this year.
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