Thursday, 13 August 2009

Great Garlic, 'Orrible Onions

The garlic was dying back so I decided to dig it up today. The bulbs are great, probably the best ever. This is a year's supply, I split it with my Mum and we store it in garlic pots. So, a big success here. Turning, however to the onions:
these are the miserable specimens I have grown this year. I say "grown" but some of them have signally failed to do this, remaining the same size as they were when I planted them! The soil may be partly to blame, a newish bed and the soil quality isn't as good as elsewhere, so I will work on it now it is cleared. Still, most people round here have had a poor year for onions, even the man who grows huge onions has found they are smaller than usual, so I'm not alone - it must have been the weather.

Today's veg - lots of runner beans and courgettes. The tomatoes are coming on well too, after I fed them a few days ago - we have had blight in the area and lots of people have lost plants, but my blight resistant ones are standing up well. Hope the current sunny weather continues.
These are the lettuce towers - just about to put out flowers. This is the first time I have ever seen them do this - I started them so early they have had lots of time to go to seed. The tallest are about 4 feet from the ground!
The summer raspberries are just about finished now, but the autumn ones are flowering well as you can see from this photo. A lot of fruit is set and more flowers are on the way.
My first pumpkin now has a nice thick skin and is starting to turn orange - from the base. I now have 5 pumpkins at various stages of development, which is a good crop - still time for one or two more to develop.
Finally, here is a picture of Nigella Miss Jekyll, which I grow for cut flowers. It's just starting, so I will have lots of these to put in vases soon. As I type, I can see the flowers on the windowsill right in front of me, and they are very pretty in the late afternoon sun.

P.S. Not content with having a toad living in my compost bin, today I spotted a mouse running around the base of the bin as I opened it!
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