Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Flat Batteries

The weather has finally settled in a rather drier mode, so I got out in the garden with my camera. I took two pictures before the batteries died, then tried the rest of the batch I had charged recently to find them all flat. So these two pictures are all I have at present - more tomorrow after a charging session.

Thought I would cut the grass too, but the strimmer battery also gave out after 10 seconds. On the subject of cutting, I desperately need a haircut as I can hardly see through the frizz, but my hairdresser's number is on my mobile, the battery of which is also dead. And no, I can't remember the name of the salon to look it up in yellow pages. So it will have to wait until tomorrow when I have charged everything up!

Above is a picture of a tiny tomato - actually there are some bigger ones which I only noticed this afternoon. Quite a lot have set now, all we need is some sun.
These are my fennel flowers - I use the seeds in herbal teas (good for the digestion).

Anyway, I got out and tidied up the potato beds which are now empty. I've learned through bitter experience that it is best to weed and prepare vegetable beds as soon as they are empty, even if it is months before I'm planning to use them again. So I have two beds ready for the winter. The third potato bed has the leeks, which have settled in well after their move, only about 10 lost to slugs.

Then some emergency weeding, to rescue some parsnip and beetroot. The beetroot are particularly pathetic specimens and I hope to post a picture later in the week. Very depressing, but every year you have some things which do well, and some things which don't.

I've also fed a lot of the plants, which have had nutrients washed away from their roots by the torrential rain of recent weeks. And I have a toad living in my compost bin - it's like an all you can eat buffet in there, with flies and slugs galore. Only problem is I don't like dumping a batch of compost on the toad's head, so I have to lift him/her out while I deposit the next load!
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