Friday, 28 August 2009

First fruits

This is the first pumpkin (Small Sugar)- the plant died so I have brought this indoors to continue ripening on my kitchen dresser. They do ripen quite well indoors, surprisingly.
I'm really proud of these - the first Victoria plums my tree has produced in the five years it has been in the corner of the plot! There are lots more to come, but they aren't ripe yet. The basket you see is also my first attempt at basketmaking last winter - like most first attempts it was less than successful and is a long way from being round. I'm going to have another go this winter.
This is a helichrysum flower - you can dry these flowers as they have a high silica content and keep for years. Unfortunately the slugs love them, so I only have a few plants this year.
Here's another helichrysum, fully open this time and with a moth enjoying the pollen!

The weather now consists of alternate days of cloud/sun and cloud/rain/torrential downpours. This is not great for the tomatoes, which are slowing up markedly. The courgettes don't seem to mind though. I'm still working on clearing the strawberry patch, am half way there now!

Hopefully, more gardening tomorrow, fingers crossed.
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