Sunday, 30 August 2009

Autumn Fruit

Ok, this isn't a fruit - it's actually my Mum imprisoned in the brassica cage. I require labour from her in exchange for vegetables and she insisted I post this picture to show how I mistreat her! She complained she couldn't stand up properly - I told her she was supposed to be weeding so didn't need to! (I did let her out eventually)
Autumn is definitely here now, I've spent all afternoon in front of a roaring fire with my knitting. It's almost time to switch the heating back on, but I try to put that off as long as possible. So here is the promise of things still to come - the Worcester Pearmain apples are coming on well.
This is the Katy tree, loaded with lovely red fruit. Not ready yet - I tried one the other day and it was a little tart. I'm glad I put up the supports or the branches would have broken by now.
As per my previous post, the plums are now ripening and are delicious. Here is the tree with most of its fruit still on.

There's still plenty to do as autumn crops finish and I prepare the ground before putting the plot to bed for the winter. One more glut to come - the autumn raspberry crop looks like it will be a record! And of course all the apples will be ready at once, so I have to arrange storage for them. Lots to do.
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