Friday, 24 July 2009

A wet week

It's been a difficult week for gardening - torrential downpours interspersed with sunny spells. The soil is much too wet for much work now, so we have to hope for a dry spell. The good news is that August and September are forecast to be drier. Above is my pink busy lizzie.
So it was a quick dash out to pick the veggies, then back in. Here's yesterday's collection - peas, beans, courgettes and raspberries.
The red busy lizzie on the windowsill.
My New Dawn rose is now approaching the end of flowering - here are some of the last blooms for this year. A shame, but always a pleasure while it lasts.

It's been so cold in the evenings I got a sack of coal yesterday to generate a little bit of heat in the living room. The Met Office is forecasting heat in August - not sure if I believe them. I do, however, believe the man on who, having correctly forecast the cold winter last year, is forecasting more of the same this year for the US, Europe and China. So I will need to get all my garden preparation done by November! Lots to do...
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