Sunday, 5 July 2009

A walk round the vegetable garden

As everything is growing well at the moment, I thought today I would post an update on many of the plants in the garden. First the courgettes (zucchini to Americans) - these are now flowering well as you can see from the plant above. You can also see spots of mildew on the leaves - the mildew is receding as the weather is less humid now.
Runner beans - most runner beans have red flowers but I have been growing these white ones (White Emergo) for years. These have just started flowering, so we should have beans by early August.
The Florida-like weather of last week meant the tomatoes doubled in size - no I'm not exaggerating, they really did! The first flowers are just opening, and I don't think these outdoor tomatoes have ever flowered so early. We should have tomatoes in August if the weather is clement.
Another early flower - the pumpkins are starting. The bad summers of the last two years meant we only got one or two pumpkins, so I'm hoping for more this year and so far the signs are good.
Lettuce - this has been producing leaves since early May and shows no signs of stopping. It is starting the process of going to seed, which I want it to do so I can collect the seed for next year's crop. I expect we will be able to eat lettuce until the end of July, which will be 3 months, the best crop ever.
The Victoria plums are just starting to change colour (they go an orangey-yellow) - a good few more weeks for these, but since this is the first crop, I'm very excited!
I picked some of these peas today, but as you can see there are plenty more to come!
The Katy apple - the fruit is starting to fill out and I will need to build supports for both trees this week. The apples should be ready in August.
Garlic - growing well in a weed-ridden plot. Two weeks ago there wasn't a weed to be seen here, but the sun and rainshowers have encouraged the weeds as well as the vegetables.

Today I picked peas, spinach, chard, strawberries, and raspberries. Off to the kitchen now...
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