Thursday, 16 July 2009

Upright peas once more...

I'm having a day off the garden today - we're now on top of the produce, but I still have a pile of strawberries in the kitchen which I need to deal with. This is yesterday's collection; strawberries, small raspberries (top left), blackcurrants, a courgette and large raspberries which are now in the freezer.
The peas slipped down further yesterday so I decided I had to do something about it - they were leaning into the beans further down the slope. One of the canes had broken under the strain, so I took two sturdy pieces of wood and propped them up. In the process I spent about 20 seconds with my hair caught firmly in the plants - a regular hazard for me due to my very curly hair. I broke free eventually! Anyway, the plants are now firm and should be safe from any further wind damage.

In the background of this picture you can just see the white hoops and netting of the cabbage frame. I forgot to mention this the other day - the white hoops are polythene tubing/piping which I got from the diy store - cheap, removable and very flexible. It's a good cheap way to cover plants with netting or with anything else.

So a slightly less strenuous day today, but now I'm catching up with my housework, which has suffered in the last couple of weeks. No rest for the wicked....
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