Saturday, 4 July 2009

Today's Haul

Today's haul includes 12 lbs of Pentland Javelin potatoes, broad beans, over 6 lbs of strawberries, more blackcurrants and more redcurrants. I have now dug up a little over half of the Pentland Javelin, which are a first early potato; I'll dig up the rest of them this week, leaving the second earlies to grow on for a while. The small and damaged Pentland Javelin I'll use up straight away, the rest have gone in a hessian potato sack in my kitchen, where they'll keep for 2 months or so.

The broad beans got flattened by the very heavy rain yesterday, but are producing lots of beans. Today I noticed blackfly starting to congregate at the top of the beans, so I have snapped off the tops of all the plants to get rid of them.

The strawberries - well, what can I say? The best crop ever, a good number of these will be stewed and frozen for winter use - there's nothing like a strawberry crumble with custard in the middle of winter to remind you of warm summer days.

The redcurrants and blackcurrants will make their way to my freezer over the next day or two.
Lobelia, one of my favourite annuals because it puts on such a great show.
Finally, a picture of my front door with the New Dawn rose over it. The rose is not as full as it has been, two years of very poor growth due to constant summer rain have reduced the plant a bit, but it's on the mend now. What I like about it is that the flowers come out gradually, so I'll have a few weeks of blooms as new buds open and then fade. If you look carefully at my door you will notice that my door knocker is in the shape of a trowel - appropriate I think!
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