Monday, 13 July 2009

Today's Harvest

I'm now well into the second week of the glut and there's no time for gardening, just picking. Today's produce, clockwise from top left, whitecurrants, strawberries, peas and raspberries.

The whitecurrants are a pretty transluscent berry, but not as fleshy as red or black currants. Some will go in my freezer, some will be made into jam.

The strawberries are now slowing down, but there were still over 3 lbs today. The peas have never been as good, so for the first time I have blanched and frozen a batch for the winter. They are so productive they have partially collapsed the supports holding them up, so I will have to devise something stronger for next year.

The raspberries are a mixture of a modern, large variety which freezes well and an old, smaller variety which is best for cooking. The smaller ones come from the plants which I moved in the winter - they have produced decent fruit, though not as big as normal.

I didn't have the time or the inclination this afternoon to pick blackcurrants or gooseberries, which are both ready, not to mention broad beans. That's for tomorrow...
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