Saturday, 25 July 2009

A sunny day at last

Finally - a sunny, warm day so I was able to get a few jobs done. First the leeks - this ground was prepared last week, so it was a relatively quick job to spread some organic fertiliser, prise the leek seedlings out of the seedbed next to the cabbages and pop them in the holes made by the dibber in the picture. We're expecting a lot of rain tomorrow, so they'll be watered in well! I grow a late winter variety, if you're wondering why they're so small - I'll be eating these early 2010.
These are the jerusalem artichokes, which are now taller than me. They've grown well this year - they suffered in the rain and poor light of the last two summers, but this year's weather has been better overall.
I dug up the last cosmos potatoes - again a good size of potato, with a little slug damage but nothing excessive. I wasn't sure when there would be another dry day, so took the opportunity to get them out this morning.
The first cucumber flower (crystal apple) - if these cucumbers fail to produce again this year I'm giving up on them!
The triffids - these were tiny little lettuces a few months ago, now they're monsters! I hope to have enough seed not to need to buy any next year.
But not everything is a success - the frequent, heavy rain of the last two weeks has encouraged the weeds and with the weeds and rain come the slugs. My onions have been severely nibbled, as you can see.
This is the first pumpkin - it's stopped growing now and is starting to change colour. I grow a small pumpkin - Small Sugar as it is very convenient size if you don't have lots of mouths to feed. This is the earliest pumpkin I have ever got.
Spinach and chard, some slug damage but generally doing well.
This is the yellow patio rose I bought on a whim earlier in the year, it's now in its second flush of flowers. A cheerful sight as I hurry through the front door in the pouring rain!
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