Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Plant Supports

Another day, another harvest. More blackcurrants, some red and green gooseberries, one large courgette and a basket of broad beans. Most of the broad beans are now in the freezer. I left some pods on the plants to provide seeds for next year.
Today I needed to build supports for my apple trees, as the fruit is getting heavy. I grow M27, extremely dwarfing trees for reasons of space and for manageability. I built a tripod of canes/willow, then supported each fruit laden branch with a long string. This is the Worcester Pearmain tree.
These are the red gooseberries (green in the background) - I just picked the ripest berries today.
The pea supports have more or less collapsed now, the bulk of the plants is holding them up. These willow canes used to be upright not at 40 degrees!
There are three pumpkins, one on each plant. I'm hoping for more - since I started growing pumpkins we have had atrocious summers and poor harvests. I put them on a ceramic tile to stop them sitting on wet ground and rotting before they harden off.
Lots of tomatoes flowers now, it's too early to see if some have set but it's looking good!
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