Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fruit and Roses

My New Dawn rose finally decided to flower yesterday.  It runs over my front door, and the first blooms are now open.
Lovely, isn't it?  I have a couple of cuttings in reserve, as I couldn't bear to lose it!
Out early this morning, to get fruit picked before the heat kicked in, which it did it 0830.  Happily by then I had collected all this - 4 pounds of reducurrants (about another 6-8 to go), just over 1 pound of black currants (another 2-3 to come) and 2 pounds of strawberries (don't want to think about how much more of those there are).

As always, some of the redcurrants are underripe, but they will ripen up in the next 24 hours as I leave them in the kitchen until I process the rest of the fruit.  With currants, particularly the first picking which are less ripe than later ones, I remove the stalks and wash them.  Then I put them in a baking tray on a window sill with the lower sash open so the breeze dries them.  Then I put them in the freezer on the tray for a couple of hours until they roll like marbles.  It's easy to pack them into bags then, and it means I can just pour as many berries out of the bag as I want.

So, back to the strawberry diet...
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