Thursday, 30 July 2009

First garlic, last strawberries

A gap in the torrential rain today, so it was possible to get out in the sunshine and do some gardening. I decided to dig up one of the garlic plants to see if they are ready yet - the answer is "nearly" - good size bulbs this year, so a great success.
There was one courgette, should be more but given the very wet weather the small ones are mostly being massacred by the slugs and snails. So I picked the remainder of the gooseberries - a couple of pounds of red berries, and a massive 15 lb 9 oz of green ones. Gooseberries aren't to everyone's taste - my Mum hates them - but I don't think you can beat a gooseberry crumble with custard as winter comfort food!

A few ounces of raspberries and the last few strawberries - these have been magnificent this year, easily our best year ever.

The very heavy rain has left the ground fairly saturated, so there are limits on what I can do outside at the moment. The rain washes all the goodness out of the soil, so this weekend's project will be to feed the plants again. Let's hope we get some sunshine to dry things out a bit...
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