Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Weeds and Aphids

I decided to do some weeding in the flower border this afternoon - as you can see they have got the upper hand, under that mess is a peony.  I couldn't get all the weeds out of the bed as some needed digging up and the ground is too dry and hard for that.  Still, my peony can breathe again.
Jim the cat came over to watch for a while, but refused to look into the camera for a photo.
I didn't stay here too long because at this time of year the trees are full of aphids, and this year is worse than most - you tend to come away covered in them.  You can see how affected these roses are.
The trouble with it is that sticky stuff drips from the trees onto the plants, add to that spiders making cobwebs and weed seeds floating on the air, you have a sticky mess over everything.  This is a shot of the cornflowers showing the problem.  A heavy rain shower will clear it up.  I don't bother too much about the greenfly - they are a good food for birds and other insects and will start to reduce in numbers soon.
Not everything is affected - this is my mint plant by the back door, which is doing very well.  I love mint tea and this plant supplies most of my needs for the year when dried.  I have some peppermint elsewhere as well.

I watered and checked all my pots around the house and found the Busy Lizzies were being eaten by a family of snails.  I removed them and took them across the river to a new home where I hope the song thrushes will get them.  As a result I noticed this...
Geraniums seem to be having a good year, this one is by the road into the village, in front of the rather tired looking sign.  It's a pretty pink colour covering a lot of the ground round about.

So now the flowers are in better shape, tomorrow I hope to be back in the vegetable garden.
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