Saturday, 13 June 2009

Treasure Hunt

I started a treasure hunt today, furtling around in the soil for earthy gold - the first potatoes of the year.  I have first early potatoes (Pentland Javelin) and second earlies (Cosmos).  You'd think that the first earlies would be the first to be ready, but every year a few second earlies beat them to it.  These potatoes can grow very big if I leave them in the soil until late July so if the weather is good, I try to do just that.  However, the flowers have opened and there are potatoes to be had, so I gently excavate at the base of the plant and pick off tubers which are growing at the edge of the mound.
This means I can get some potatoes early, while leaving the plants to grow on a bit more.  Today I picked mostly Cosmos (above), but also some Pentland Javelin.  They were delicious...
The fruit is coming on quickly now - here are the gooseberry branches, bending under the weight of the berries.  It'll be a few more weeks for these, I think.
These redcurrants are ripening - I tend to have to pick them over a few weeks according to ripeness, which suits me as the crop is huge and it's easier to manage them in smaller hauls.
The lettuce just won't stop growing either.
This yellow iris is growing wild in a ditch - an escapee from a garden pond, I think.
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