Monday, 22 June 2009

Shrubs in Flower

The last shrubs to flower are now in full flow.  Around the village we have lots of these old, wild roses.  Compared to modern varieties, they are rather discreet, but this is how roses looked many centuries ago.
The elder is now flowering - I will be picking flowers later this week for drying and other use.  A good remedy for colds and a refreshing taste in a drink.  The elderberries have similar uses too.
I wish this was my honeysuckle, but it isn't - growing on top of a high garden wall, it is a lovely sight.  My honeysuckle seeded itself in a derelict area of my vegetable patch and is horizontal.  I plant to lift and pot up bits of it later this year and look at how to make the best of it.
Fragrant blossoms, just starting to open.

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