Friday, 12 June 2009

Lettuce and Spinach

It's been a busy week so not much gardening done.  But Friday is a quiet day for business, so late morning I did an hour or so.  Finished the path I was building and then picked vegetables for the weekend.  

Lettuce (Salad Bowl) on the left has been magnificent this year, I started it indoors in late February, planted it out in March under a cloche and started harvesting on 4th May.  I think it will still be producing in July.  The most successful lettuce ever.

The spinach is coming along well now, although if you look carefully you will find some of the "spinach" is actually chard.
So now I am settled in the living room with the scent of roses in the air, watching the tennis, which is the only thing at this time of year which prevents me getting out in the garden...
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