Wednesday, 10 June 2009

June Flowers

Catmint - on this picture you can clearly see how the flowers guide the bees in, with "runway" markings!
This is a rose I "found".  Outside my house there is a stretch of land full of bushes and small trees.  Most of it belongs to no-one, so I go through it once or twice a year to tidy it up and shape the bushes.  Last year I noticed this rose which had previously been overshadowed by a tree, taken down because it was damaging the wall.  I gave it a bit of a prune, and hey presto!  It's covered in flowers this year.  I can't take all the credit - it's got room and light to grow for the first time in years, so nature took over.  Have no idea what kind of rose it is, but I'm happy to see it.
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