Thursday, 18 June 2009

Flowers and Woodland

This is a close-up of lobelia flowers, which we are more used to seeing in their massed state rather than separately.  These are just starting to flower in my pots.
The Feverfew is just beginning too - when they open fully they will be a daisy-like flower, but I really like them at this stage, when the petals are clumped together and the centre is still green.
Lady's Mantle - a plant which does well in our damp climate.  Congregations of tiny yellow flowers above round green leaves, one of my favourites.
This afternoon I went out for a walk at Hardcastle Crags with my Mum - lots and lots of woodland...
...and a rocky river...
... leading to the old mill towards the head of the valley.  And yes, those are solar panels on the top of the mill building.  The water wheel and the solar panels provide all the power in this remote spot for the mill, cafe and warden's cottage.
On our walk we came across a few late rhododendrons, such as this huge one on the hillside.  The last flowers of spring...
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