Sunday, 21 June 2009

First Strawberries

I did get out to do some weeding (beetroot, strawberries, parsnips, beans) this morning but the batteries in my camera died, so the only picture is this one.

My first strawberries - as the temperature has been rather up and down, these strawberries are not evenly red but patchwork.  A day inside will ripen them fully.  Most strawberries grown commercially in this country are grown in poly tunnels, and not in the ground - I think the flavour is inferior as a result.  Let's not mention the strawberries the supermarkets sell all year round, which are grown abroad and, well, are disgusting.

So there is nothing better than British strawberries grown the proper way, in well fed soil, ripened slowly.  Since my plants have started producing pounds rather than ounces of fruit, I haven't bought any but if I did, the best are the Scottish ones, which are often later in the summer. Anyway, we're in for a bumper crop this year; last year I added some plants to my collection and they are now fruiting.

So let's see if I can beat last year's record, which was 13lbs 9 oz of strawberries.  Looking at the number of berries on the plants at present, I think we will beat that comfortably.  I just hope we don't have the downpours we had last year which rotted off much of the fruit!
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