Monday, 8 June 2009

The Brassica Frame

Every year we go through the ritual of erecting the cabbage frame.  We carefully extract all the poles and connecting balls from the shed, lay them on the ground and realise we can't remember how they all go together.  Here is a shot of the mid-confusion point - we had started putting them together, I have gone back to the shed to see if there are any poles left in there, and left Mum holding various bits of frame.
We then carefully lay them out, realise (and remember) that we are lacking one short pole and what I usually do is tie a longer pole onto the missing spar.  Doh!  This is all due to the manufacturer sending us a couple of wrong poles initially, then replacing them.  We realised we could build a bigger cage than before, by using a longer pole in place of an absent short one.   Mum's verdict?  "Take a bl...y picture so we don't go through this again next year!"

The cage is for the brussels sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli and any other brassicas we can fit in it - to keep the cabbage white butterflies off. So having finally erected the frame, I transplanted the sprouts, broccoli and cabbages, putting a seaweed feed down at the same time.  Backbreaking work - 20 sprout plants, 18 broccoli, 1 kale (the others are too small to move at present), 40 cabbages.  I'll put the net over the frame in a few weeks, the butterflies don't start laying eggs just yet.
The peas are now coming up to my shoulder level, and are flowering, so I'm looking forward to the first pods.
This is a close-up of the flower of the well-known salad vegetable, rocket (featured in an earlier post) - quite a unique shape and pattern and well worth a photograph.
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