Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunny Weekend

Today we picked the first spinach and another batch of lettuce.  So it's Moroccan spiced chickpeas with spinach later...
Oxalis, this plant grows outside my house all by itself, next to another self-seeded plant, a yellow poppy.
I should know what this plant is - is it weigelia?  I used to know, just noticed it lurking in the undergrowth this morning, almost invisible under the heavy canopy.
While I was there, getting covered in greenfly dropping off the trees, I took this picture: you can see the pink flowered thingy on the left, the white flowers are cow parsley.  The river is the one which runs past my house before joining the Irwell 20 metres away.

This is from my huge blue geranium - the first flowers opened today.  It's enormous and really lovely when all the flowers are open, which will be next week, I hope to get a picture then.
This weekend I am off to the seaside, on the east coast.  We're going birdwatching at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire.  So there will be no more posts until Monday at best.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the Pembrokeshire coast in May 2006.  Above you can see the flowers and rabbit holes on a bit of coast near Solva.  These pictures are not very high quality as they were taken with a conventional camera and converted to digital.
And this is a view of ox-eye daisy and thrift at St David's head.  What's amazing here is you can see the steepness of the cliff, but there were rabbits running around on it too!

Have a good weekend, see you next week.
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